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The Texts - John Constable

Schrodinger's Cathedral

Places happen

by chaos magic

or intelligent design, tectonic plates

clashing deep within Earth's Heart:

a hill happened.

Drovers' tracks

dimly sensing

their destiny in the unwitting

feet that tramped them

into being.

Precisely what

happened - and how -

is the stuff of conjecture and honest

disputation, fleshing

the bare bone relic.

In This Mind it happens

as God is our Witness, His Will

made manifest in Man - each step in the wild

wood, the scrunch of bracken - His Earth

Works of the Spirit.

In That Mind it just

happens, unwitnessed,

instinctive - following the way

the light combs

the lush green,

happens and goes on

happening until one day

a pattern is discerned

and being seen and known becomes

The Seer, seeks to know itself.

In This Mind, That Mind

against all odds

two perfect, irreconcilable worlds take root

in Schrödinger's Cathedral: the dead

and risen gods.

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