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Streamline Moderne

Shoreham airport could have been a cinema,

or the front of that hybrid Chrysler car.

It could have hunched beside a road

selling tea or stood in a kitchen -

one of those great American fridges

you find in south African squatter camps.

Its aerodynamic curves evaded developers,

along with Embassy Court, Saltdean Lido

and De La Warr - the best place for tea

on the south coast. Stavers Tiltman

knew enough not to imitate a plane

but in the symmetry there's an engine.

At his drawings he's a storyteller

manoeuvring a magic carpet

over Brighton, Hove and Worthing.

He knows one day we'll fly everywhere.

Our toes will fuse, our natural position

will be sitting. We won't need to walk

across continents, we'll hold a joystick,

hover while the names of every village, river,

city and street in the world

blink at us on a digital display.

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