Exploring the relationship between disability and architecture

Inside Out is a developmental project procuring deaf and disabled artists to consider architecture and the environment for our delectation.

Arts Council England, South East is delighted to have on board some of the best regional artists in the south to be part of this year's starting point for Inside Out, staging their ideas and artistic responses on the web during architecture week 17-26 June 2005

What we see, as we delve through the layers of content is celebratory and at times confrontational.  The work explores lifestyles and states and explore inner environments, perspectives and opinions as well as focusing on particular spaces and places in the south east.  Too often disabled and deaf artists are not able to be part of a creative dialogue about the environment around them: an environment which is still for the most part,  tedious, deeply flawed and full of contradictions.  This has to change!

Following the launch on June 22nd at a private seminar at the new Jubilee Library in Brighton, we will invite educators, planners and architects to work with us to explore how this outstanding body of new work can influence and educate architects and planners and be used as a  resource for work in education.  It is of vital importance that you respond to the work so that we can build upon it for the future.

Arts Council England