Exploring the relationship between disability and architecture

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

I  trained at Goldsmiths, Surrey and St. Martin's and my work has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, and has been presented on national television. 

Born and raised in Surrey, the deaf child of Asian parents, my work deals with the tensions between cultures and the range of human experience, at the same time as revelling in the diversity of life in contemporary Britain.  I also work extensively in the field of mental health and am just about  to complete my  studies to qualify as an Art Therapist. 

My most recent installation piece A Room Full of Memories (italics) you can see in the Gallery.  Writer Howard Hardiman worked with me on site in 2004  as i built the piece and his words have for the first time caught so much of what i want to say, how i feel about my work as i make it...

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