Exploring the relationship between disability and architecture

Caroline Cardus


Beautiful - the anticipation of going out, of escaping my four walls, of being there. The beauty of sharing a space with others, being one amongst many, one more face in the crowd.

Crash - an undignified or impossible entrance, exclusion, a discordant feeling. Being one who was forgotten when the plans were made. Back to the outside, back to our indoors, an opportunity shattered.

When Sue Napolitano left 'the pulse-hot thick-of-it', it broke my heart. Dangerous women are in short supply when it comes to claiming the world as ours too. We have so much more to see, so much more to be, as equal members of the human race, not the ones who have to compromise or be left on the sidelines.

I anticipate exploring these feelings through digital photography, being there - or not.

When I make my entrance, I refuse to 'do' the back door.

This is not about being a victim. It is about exposing the fragments, or celebrating the beauty.

My feet, my face - sitting watching my forehead as the lift that only has mirrors halfway up takes me to another place where I might by chance blend in - or stand out.

I might be drowning behind a high bar, or launching headlong down that delicious ramp at Tate Modern, feeling the air rush by me in a space surely designed for my wheels?

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